Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A quick post to show you what I've been up to when I'm not quilting or reading.
I love to crochet and I ran across a pattern to make a Spiral Scrubbie here.

I had just picked up a cone of Peaches and Cream cotton yarn to make some dishcloths so I sat down and started casting on and following the pattern. It's a simple pattern  but as I got further along with it I decided I really didn't want to make a scrubbie after all.
But I did want dishcloths.  Sooooo

Since I did like the pattern I started making squares (no increasing or decreasing at the beginning & ending).  I'm casting on 21 stitches and working 21 rows.  Single crochet' in the back loop of the stitch to make the ridges.  Quick and easy!
And Oh so nice to use to wash things.

Oh and go check out some of the projects that are being linked here.

Thanks for stopping by....Linda

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  1. Aw man - now you've made me want to dig out my crochet! Just what I need - ANOTHER project! ;))


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