Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Monday so that means I can link up to Judy's Design Wall showing you what I have on mine.  I had these blocks and borders left over from the first quilt I made with these fabrics so I decided to put them together in a table runner.
I'm calling this one 'A Terra Twister' and I think it's going to be the last of this fabric line.   Should fit my table nicely.
 <<<< It's #4
I do still have a lot of strings and a few pieces left but they will go into my scraps and worked in with other scraps.

This was on my wall last week and I've finished the top.  It has to wait it's turn to go to the quilters though.    This makes the third quilt I've made with the Aqua Terra fabric from Connecting Threads.   It's a bit smaller than the last one but should make a nice twin size with a good side drop.

<<< This is #1   I finished it in May, 2010.  It resides on my couch.

and this is #2 >>>

I think that's quite a good supply out of one fabric line.  I am more than ready to be moving on.
I might spend some time getting a few bindings added to the last two quilts I've gotten back and pull out a couple of UFO's to try to get finished.
And then again.... I could change my mind.....

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  1. You have sure gotten your money's worth from that fabric...4 quilts!?! Your 3rd one is my favorite!

  2. Everything from that fabric line is so pretty, Linda. I love the quilt top that you said is waiting its turn to be quilted.


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