Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now that the 'Greats' are getting older it has become our tradition to decorate Christmas cookies.  
They enjoy it soooo much and they all take their artistic expression very seriously.  
After all....these are Santa's cookies!!
Santa really like them by the way.   

(See Santa bites in the bottom left pic?)  

However...we did have to send out an alert.  
"Don't anyone eat the GREEN frosting"!! 

           (2nd pic - top left)  LOL


  1. BUT GRAMMA!!!! Frosting MUST be tested!!! Don't want to make Santa sick!!!


  2. I have been decorating cookies for over 40 years; first as a child, then with my children and now with my grandkids...I love it. Oma's only rule: no licking fingers! If you forget, go wash your hands first! :) I'm a germaphobe...:)

  3. Love all the pictures. These will be memories that will never be forgotton!


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