Monday, December 21, 2009

Here we are....counting down the last few days before Christmas.  Thankfully I have all gifts purchased and wrapped and under the tree.  I did do just a bit of pre-baking (our favorites....pumpkin bread and chocolate covered peanuts)  The other candies have gone by the wayside this year.  I decided there was no use to knock myself out to have so much leftover after everyone goes back home.  There's only a couple kids that like all that sweet stuff.  Don & I certainly don't need to have all that candy sitting around tempting I just pared down.  This should be just about right. 

I've spent the last week and a half re-installing programs after I had to have my hard drive replaced.  Thankfully it wasn't a complete crash and my files and pics had been backed up ..... but I lost the programs that I've installed over the years.  Actually it's rather nice not having all those things hanging on that I rarely used.  I think I'll be a bit more selective about installing things.  And I also had the computer Dr add more Ram while he was at it.  So now I'm happy again. 

I haven't been doing any sewing or quilting for several weeks now.  Just seems like I can't get everything going in the same direction lately.  I did get my yearly flu shot last week and boy oh boy did it ever throw my fibro into high gear!  Two very very hard days and then I slowly felt better.  I'm going to really think hard about that shot next year. 

I'm hoping all the kids make it here before the storm rolls in.  This morning they have upgraded to a major winter storm with blizzard conditions and 7" to 14" that's supposed to hit our area Tuesday night and not move out until Thursday night.  Dang!! 
Who wanted a White Christmas anyway???



  1. Oh isn't it fun having to put your computer back together....NOT LOL. Hopefully you will get back into the swing of sewing after the New Year :0)

    Merry Christmas


  2. Linda, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas together!

  3. Sounds like you are planning well for the big event. I hope the weather hasn't caused anyone to be unable to come. Have a blessed Christmas.


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