Monday, December 28, 2009

And so it's over......

Almost everyone left to go back to their homes yesterday except Jess. 
Today Jake & his dad made it here around noon to pick her up so she can go back to Colorado with them for a few days.
She is now gone..... my nap has been taken.... and it's way too quiet now with just the two of us. 

 I miss these hugs.

 I'm now going to count down the rest of the year by organizing my thoughts and the house and get back to my sewing room again.  I haven't done much of any quilting this month.  
AND..... I have a LOT of books to start reading.  For Christmas I was given two more to add to my pile of 'books to be read'. 
Now that I think of it...... I think I'll go finish "Going Rogue" by Sarah Palin.  so I can start on my next book. 



  1. Great picture, Linda. The kids are darling. Little kid hugs just make you warm all over.

  2. Ain't nothin' better than a hug from a grand child!!


  3. The kids are cute as buttons and growing up so much. Isn't it crazy how quiet the house is after everyone leaves? Enjoy your books and your wondeful Christmas memories!


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