Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's snowing today.  
Started mid-day and has continued for several hours now.
It's not heavy yet but we're supposed to have 1 to 3 inches today.
Then...... they are forecasting a real doozy coming in on Tuesday.
Looks like I'll be rescheduling my Dr. appt for the next week.

I have Don's top finished but not on the frame yet.  I've felt like @#$% pretty much all week so I just haven't gotten in there to load it.  Thank goodness this last one is for Don and he won't care at all if I don't have it completely finished.

It's really BIG!!!  At least for me.  It's the biggest quilt I've made yet and will just barely fit on my frame.  I need 96 x 108 so I'll have to load it with the 96" on the take-up roller.  And I'll probably have to turn it when I get close to the end.  That's not too hard to do ..... I've had one of the guild donation quilts that was that big and I had to turn it.
 Maybe tomorrow I'll work on getting it loaded.  Maybe!!


  1. Don's quilt is very nice! I love the colors, maybe one for Dan one of these days!! I hope you start to feel better soon! Keep warm and no snow angels!!

  2. LOL Jacquie. Shucks!! Like that was going to be first on my list tomorrow. :)

  3. Oh I hope you feel all better really soon!! We have been moving snow around the last couple of days but nothing too deep...yet. I love Don's quilt and I'm sure he will love it too once he gets to snuggle up in it after moving snow.


  4. That does look cold there, Linda. And I really love Don's quilt. The colors you chose go together so well.

  5. Oh mom thanks for the pictures! I am so jealous:-) I miss the snow!!!!


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