Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So here is the backing for Trent's quilt.
Sorry I forgot to post it with the quilt. :)
I think he'll get a kick out of it don't you?

And while I'm at it.... here is the lastest basket I have finished. Countdown now..... only 2 more to go.


  1. I'm sure Trent's going to love that, Linda! And, I'm loving those basket blocks! I was just looking at your monthly project log. You sure have been busy, girl!

  2. That backing is wonderful, Linda! Your latest basket is lovely. Have you decided how you are going to put them together?

  3. Oooo sharks...scary LOL. Love the basket Linda!!


  4. Love the T-shirt quilt Linda. I like how they all pop right out. I am sure Trent will love it just like JR liked his. These sure do create a lot of recalling of memories don't they?


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