Friday, August 7, 2009

Good morning all. Today is looking to be a rather sunshiny slightly breezy rather warmish day.
(that's just a nice way to say HOT!!)
In fact my Firefox weather bar shows the next couple of days are forecast to be in the 100s again. Sheesh!!
So it's a good thing I've gotten back to my embroidery so I can sit here in my nice AC.

I finished another Blackwork basket last night while watching the best Big Brother episode yet this year.
Ronnie is gone!!
Our boy Jeff rocks!!
And Chima is in for a BIG surprise!!
Aren't we happy campers today? hahaha

Oh sorry. I got a bit sidetracked there for a minute. Back to the embroidery. I started these way back late 2007 and put them away last April. Well.... the other day I decided to finish the block I had started way back then and here it is.
Just 3 more to go then I can start deciding how to set them.

I've gotten Trent's quilt on the frame so I'll start quilting it today. It usually takes me several days (or weeks) to finish the quilting because I just don't stick with it for hours on end. The back screams to much. Even though this quilt isn't that big I think it will still take awhile.

Have a great day all.
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  1. Pretty block Linda. I could use some of your heat, it's only 68, cloudy and so much moisture in the air I'm surprised we aren't having a huge storm. I hope not as the county fair is going on but I could use some sun and heat.



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