Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quite a wake up call we had this morning. I heard it start to rain when I first woke up.... and it just kept getting harder and harder.
Then the hail. Just small nuggets.... but they sure tried to sound like they were big boys.
And the rain came down heavier and heavier.
At one point I couldn't see across the street.
The wind was blowing and it was dumping big time. And it was dark!
I tried to get a couple of pics to show how hard it was raining.... but the blowing rain put drops all over my lens.
So these were taken after it had subsided quite a lot.
The storm left behind a calm, cool, sun-shining, great smelling morning to enjoy.

Nothing like a bit of excitement to start my day.

Yesterday I finished putting the sashing strips on the rest of the blocks for Trents quilt. It turned out really cute and even tho the sashing took much much longer to do than just regular sashing, I'm sure glad I decided to do it this way.
Today the border goes on and I'll be mitering the corners. I have a new gadget so I'll show you later how it works.
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  1. I love heavy rain falls....not the hail however LOL. It does freshen the air so nicely.



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