Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here is Scott's t-shirt quilt top.
It's now big enough for him to cuddle under.... so I'm calling it finished.
It's been quite a puzzle to get it put together the way I wanted.
This was not the way I originally thought I was going to do it....but after gathering all the pieces (and a whole lot of thinking) I decided to set the shirts together this way. Of course I had to choose the harder!! :)

As I was sewing...each piece brought back so many memories of all the basketball, football, baseball and track meets that we all attended together over the years. Great memories!!
I'm pleased with it now.

Off to get it put on the frame to quilt.


  1. I'm sure he's going to just love it Linda.


  2. Mom, this quilt will mean so much to him. Great job.

  3. OHH MY GOSH!!! I LOOOOOVEE it!!! so perfect...he will love it to and i know it mean mean so much to him.....your are just so amazing grandma!!!

  4. He will just love it, Linda! What a special use for those t-shits.


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