Saturday, November 22, 2008

Waiting .....

Waiting......and more waiting. Just a couple more days till my "girls" get here. So while I'm waiting..... I did get a bit accomplished on Dans quilt. After I re-sized it I needed to cut and make more blocks than the pattern said. So I've done that and also sewn the 9-patches that will fill in the design (6 different color combinations). It's looking good so far and I'm pleased.

When I was at the LQS the other day I finally broke down and bought the rest of the Angels I wanted. I had already gotten 'Spring' many months ago and have just kicked myself for not getting the rest of the seasons. Soooooo My want-to-haves just can't be denied and these little beauties are now sitting on my puter desk top along with pics of all my very favorite people in the whole wide world :)
From left to right.... "Summer Restores The Soul"..."Bountiful Angel".... "Landscape Sleeps".
and in the very back "New Beginnings"...... which is the main reason I HAD to have that angel in the first place. It's name has a very special meaning to me and I just had to have it when I saw what the artist had named it.
Now really.....aren't they just the cutest?!!


  1. OMGOSH - beautiful! I ilove them! I have 3 Shore pieces so far and have another one on my list - it's the Holy Family Nativity. I actually found itin a catalog and circled it with a big I WANT THIS next to the item and put it smack dab on top of Dan's laptop. We shall see if he is a good boy!

  2. See what you started Jac. I hadn't seen any Jim Shore till you showed me what you had. Now I can't get enough. heehee

  3. those angels are beautiful!!! & u are one of my favorite people in the whole wide world too:) haha!

  4. Lovely, Linda. Just can't resist those gotta haves, can we?


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