Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday finishes....

I have finally stuck to it and finished the quilting on Michael's quilt. It is now off the frame and I'll get the binding cut and sewn on tomorrow. And then a pic.

But since I've been playing with Photoshop I thought I'd show you what I've put together from a free kit I downloaded....Spontaneeous Delight by Carrie Stephens.'s one more layout.

I've found the answer!!! After much searching and frustration and digging I came across some info that said to not drag and drop the picture after uploading to the post. And that's what I've done with all the other pics so I assumed I could do that with these.
But .... now I have to edit Html .... cut the code for the pic ..... and post it where I want it to show up in my post.
It worked!!
So....I've gone back and reposted all my scrapbook pages and they all work now. Click to enlarge!
Happy days are here again. heehee

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