Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've been playing....

I've gotten very interested in doing something with all my digital pics. I do have a really old old version of Photoshop (Elements 2) that I've played with along the years but never did fully understand it. So I've been browsing some sites and reading and studying and have decided I could probably try to figure out how to use it. If I find that I can get this version to work for me -- and I like what I can do -- then I'll consider buying an upgrade.

Here's my first real learning lesson. For not knowing what I was doing I don't think it turned out too bad. It was a lot of fun.
I used a template from Free Digital Scrapbooking and a free kit from Lollipop Designs that I picked up at Shabby Princess .

And now I've spent way to much time on this playing around. I think I'll go sew awhile.


  1. Very Cute. I hope our class helps support our interest in preserving our photos!! Can't wait to get started. I think I will check out Photoshop as well. I need something else to steal my time!!

  2. aww that is so cute...i forgot about those old pics of her whenever we were feeding her applesauce haha. see you in two weeks:)...& I took a class on photoshop in high school so I know a little bit about it...if u have any questions i might kno the answer. -jessi


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