Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday fire.....

I was up before the sun this morning and as I was sitting here at the puter I happened to glance through the blinds to see the sunrise.
It was awesome.
So I took my trusty little camera out the front door and stood on the porch and started clicking.

*** The thing is....I also changed the mode to 'sunset' (Of course I didn't realize that I really needed to have the camera on a tripod because the pics turn out way to blurry otherwise). I didn't know that since I'm just a born point-n-click kinda gal.

But by playing around with some settings.... it is kinda awesome the way some of the pics turned out don't you think?
To create the "fire" I remember moving the camera down before it was finished taking. (It seemed like it took forever in that mode to 'take')...and I had to look at it to see if it was going to work. hahaha So the fire is a result of operator error. But cool anyway!!

AND....I have upgraded to Picasa 3 and this collage is one of the new features. Love the upgrade!!


  1. Linda - Those would make a great landscape quilt pattern. Thanks for sharing I LOVED THEM!

  2. Jacquie is right about the landscape pattern...those pics would be perfect! The pics are gorgeous and the fire effect you got is so dramatic. Isn't serendipity great?


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