Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

It's been a long day......
Went shopping all day and I'm beat.
It's starting to get dark outside and the little goblins are starting to knock on our door. We don't get too many any more but Don still buys enough candy to feed the multitudes. I think he really buys so much so he'll have left-overs. heehee

I'm going to register for Stories in Hand class by Jessica Sprague! It's FREE and sounds like something I might be very interested since I've been wanting to start digital scrapping.
Class starts Nov 9th so go check it out.
I saw the link at Mary's


  1. Looks really neat Linda. I registered! Now I have to get busy and get the supplies!

  2. i like the new look....& I love the countdown until christmas...i cant wait!:)


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