Monday, October 13, 2008

quilting finished.....

I just took Evelin's quilt off the frame. Quilting is finished.
I used a panto design from Linda Taylor's Longarm book and printed about 10 sheets and taped together. Worked great.

I originally planned to use a variegated King Tut on top (which is what I usually use) but after frogging that first row of quilting....I decided I really didn't want the top thread to interfere with the design. So I used So Fine mushroom and I like it much better. Bottom line pre-wounds in the bobbin as usual.

But what I'm really pleased about is the batting I used this time.
I ordered a package of Quilters Dream Green and I really like the way it quilted.
It's very smooth and consistent and the lint in my bobbin was unbelievable. I bet there was only about as much for the whole quilt that I usually have with just one quilting pass with all cotton Dream Select. Very pleased about that. I will definitely use it again.
Now I"m anxious to get it bound and in the washer to see how it comes out.


  1. Beautiful!! Where did you find the Quilters Dream Green?

  2. Wow!!! The quilt is just beautiful, and your quilting is exquisite! Eveline will just love it!

  3. I was just admiring this again. I'm even more impressed with it every time I see it.

  4. Love the vibrant colors in this quilt and the quilt design was perfect. Good choice on color of thread, it just seems to disappear in the quilt and let the design stand out. :-) I love Quilter's Dream Cotton!


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