Sunday, October 12, 2008


OK so I'm a couple of days late. Homecoming was Friday and I'm just getting around to showing off some of the pics of the girls. These were taken at the pep rally that afternoon.

As the parade began the cheerleaders are riding on the truck with the football boys as it drives downtown around the square and back to the stadium.
(.... Yeah I know.... what's with the riding?
We used to snake-dance through the streets back in the good ol' days!! )
Each class had a small float and the school band played. And yes....they did march!!
All the cheerleaders and the Pacers (dance team) do a joint routine for the rally and the game halftime. The Pacers are in white jerseys and they performed in front of the cheerleaders who were doing different cheers that led into lifts and builds and ended in the final pose. (See last picture)

When the girls start the 'builds' Bethany is a flyer and Alivia is a base catcher. They all worked sooooo hard in the weeks leading up to this. And it sure paid off. They looked so good.
The routine went so well and so fast that I couldn't get enough pictures of all the flips and flying and twirling/falling and building that actually went on. It was exciting and very well done!

Click on the pics to get a better look-see.


  1. Great pics Linda! I felt like I was right there. All of our games are on Friday nights so we don't have the opportunity for such great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful pics, Linda, I really enjoyed seeing them.

  3. Linda, the pics are great! How nice that you can see your grandchildren perform!


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