Tuesday, September 9, 2008

yada yada yada.....

Good morning all. I guess it's morning. Can't tell. It's still dark outside. I don't know why I'm up at this ungodly hour...but it seems to be a habit I'm getting into lately. Sheesh!!
Ok...I know.... I've been a slug about posting. It's not very interesting to post about me doing nothing. And that's pretty much what I've been doing lately. Nothing!

Today I'm off to Hays to start the first of two appointments with my orthodontist for dental work. They're working me in a month earlier than I had originally thought. Yeah!
....Well....not Yeah that I'm going to have the work done.....but Yeah that I'm getting it done a month earlier than I made the original appointment for. And Yeah I'll be finished with it a month earlier now. But NOT yeah about the pain!!!

Had Guild meeting last night. We finalized the details of the guest coming in Oct. All the little details like setting up and tearing down and who will do what and what time everyone will do it. Jeanne Poore will be here on a Friday night for a trunk show then Saturday we'll have an all day class to make one of her patterns. I still have to make a decision about the color and then the fabric I'm going to use. Always one of the hardest things for me. I'd better decide soon. Maybe I'll go Christmas. ??

Bye for now all....who knows when I'll be back. heehee
Here's a bit of leftover beauty for your day......


  1. Hope the dental work went well today. Christmas is always a good way to go when you are undecided. Can't wait to hear what you decided and how it is going.

  2. I hope you visit to the Orthodonist went well today. I so enjoy seeing pictures from your garden. We're taking down the (dead) pine trees near my flower garden so I'll have a nice sunny spot for some yarrow of my own next year.

  3. your flowers look pretty...cant wait till christmas to see aunt ginas finished quilt..ohh and by the way i always check the comments u give me on my blog and i appreciate them!!! love u!!

  4. I am in the same place, as you are, with my blog. I hope to start picking up the pace later this week. It is good to take a break and come back later with more to say and feeling more productive. I enjoy you blog. :-)


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