Thursday, September 25, 2008

Knocking update

Believe it or not...I now have ALL of the apology letters turned in. I must admit....I really didn't think it would happen. And for sure not within 5 days.
But last evening right after we had eaten....I heard a knock on the front door.
(no...not a Bang) haha
When I answered...there stood one of the boys with his letter in hand just wanting us to know that he figured he'd just drop it off in person instead of sending it. That was cool!!
Way to go kid!! His was the last letter to be turned in.
That's pretty good huh? Less than one week.

Now...I don't have my head in the clouds.....Do I think that we'll probably get *Tricked* on Halloween?
Especially since I know there is at least one of the boys that isn't happy with me.
I can tell.
The night after the big bang... there was a not nice 'B' word written with shaving cream on the back window of Don's old vehicle. hahaha A pretty normal way to vent for a kid don'tcha think. that all the letters are turned in I think it's time to wash it off and put this all behind us.


  1. im going to hunt them down in their sleep haha..jk but ive thought about it once ,,twice...three times maybe.

  2. Linda, I hope you've seen the last of those hoodlums. What in the world were the parents doing letting one of them out on the night following the "knocking" incident when the "b" word was sprayed on the car?


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