Saturday, September 20, 2008

Night Knocking...

We had a bit of excitement at the old homestead last night.
.... It was just a normal quiet everyday night around here with Grandpa downstairs watching whatever it is he watches on TV and Grandma (me) upstairs doing what I do.... playing a game on my computer while listening to whatever happens to be on my TV.

BAM!!!! ....something (someone) hit the front door HARD!

Now that front door is about 4 feet from my chair as I sit at the computer.... and that noise was way loud and I jumped.... cause it scared the bezeesys out of me.
Who knows....maybe I even said a word or two.
You know it's amazing what runs through the mind when a person doesn't know the truth of an instant. My mind was certainly racing that's for sure. It took a bit of time to gather my thoughts and by that time Grandpa stuck his head out of the hole to see what the noise was while I'm checking all through the house and peeking out through the dark bedroom window trying to see what I couldn't see. It's dark outside!!

Now remember I told you the mind and what it can conjure up. Well...conjuring up it had done...and I wasn't going to open that door!!! I didn't know what (or who) was on the other side and I had no desire to find out at that very moment in time.
Go ahead ... call me a fraidy cat!
Then.... along came the resident hero sauntering right up to that door....flipped the porch light right on.....and OPENED THAT DOOR.

It was busted!!

Whoever had hit it so hard that they broke the screen frame and pushed it clear out.
There's no fixing that baby even with Grandpa's Goop.
But back to the mission at hand..... Grandpa continued on out that broken door and into the yard and around the house and ..... that's where I lost track of him.
I'm not following him!
Fraidy cat!!
Finally, here he comes back from around the house and bringing along the young couple that live right across the street from us. They had seen who it was and was kinda describing the criminals... Um....culprits.....or hoodlums.....whatever.
OK OK ...Seems they were just young boys out walking the street and probably just playing the knocking game. Anyway since there was damage done the neighbor told me to call the sheriff and report it. So..... I did.

Now since we live in a very small community our local sheriff seemed to have a pretty good idea where to go looking for these (young'uns). Said he'd already had one other call about the group so away he went to see if he could find 5 boys up to no good walking the streets in the dark of night.
Ten minutes later I got a call from the department telling me the sheriff found them and he would be bringing them (and their parents) to our house. They'll be paying for the door.
Now I'm impressed!! Way to go sheriff!! He's got my vote in the next election by golly!!

HAHAHA OMGosh!! You should have see a couple of the boys faces. These kids are only in 7th grade and of course I knew each one's parents and some of their grandparents. (Now this morning, after pondering on who these kids are, I've sadly come to the conclusion that maybe only one of them might stand a chance of staying out of future trouble. The others...well I'm pretty sure will not be strangers to the Sheriffs department in the future).
As they were coming to our door the Sheriff quietly told me to not be to easy on them.
HA!! Me??? Once again....that racing mind......and here was my chance....and..... heehee
....But I refrained.
I did give them a bit of a talking to and then told them they would have to pay for the door and I wanted a written apology from each of them and I wanted their parents signature on it and they could then mail it to me.
They all agreed and I could tell they were all soooooo ready for that to be over. hahahaha

Grandpa and I returned to our regularly scheduled activities. He went back to his hole and I back to the computer. (But I kept an eye on that door).


  1. my mom told me about this and it made me VERY upset..but i guess that is something that most 7th graders do...good thing that they have consequences!!! ohh boy..what a crazy night in good ol pburg.

  2. Hi Linda! Great story...I would have been a fraidy cat too.

    I love your blog, and I have an award for you at my blog!

  3. Way to go!!! I like your idea of the written apology, signed by parents. Good job!


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