Friday, January 9, 2015

Hexie BOM ....

I have finally finished the last of the 2014 Hexie BOM and now have to make a decision on how I want to finish them.  I keep thinking I want to tie them all together with a single background color of hexies ..... but I keep hesitating for some reason.  Oh Well!  More pondering I guess.

Here is the Dec "block".   It was fun and fast.

Sadly I just found out that two of the sites that I enjoyed linking too are no longer posting their linkups.  Soooo Looks like I'll be checking the web to see if I can find any others.
But for now..... Have a great weekend.  And stitch happy!  


  1. I LOVE your hexies!! And I like your tag line - Stitch happy! - ;)) Too bad about the linkies - wonder why that is? Hexies - if you want to tie your hexies together with a single background - I read somewhere that if you want to add a color without adding a COLOR - to go with a brown. Karen (Karen's Sewing Room) bound her multi-colored Granny Square Quilt in brown and it looks GREAT! - So if you are going to ponder - might as well ponder on using a "brown" - ;))

    1. thanks. Sometimes if I don't "think" hard I can come up with a few clever sayings. haha
      And I think I just may ponder brown for sure. My first choice was going to be black. But I don't think my old eyes could handle that color. White is out of the question.... too boring. Then I thought of grey. But haven't settle on that one for sure. So Brown just might be a good color. Hummmm Thanks for passing along that bit of info.

  2. Linda, love your hexies. I finally went back to blogging and we'll see how long I keep it up.

    1. Thanks Donna. As you can see I've been "away" from blogging for quite awhile too. Guess life just got in my way too much. I'm hoping to do better this year.


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