Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Monday....

Ok so I've been MIA for a couple of weeks.  I know!  I do this sometimes.  And I have a pretty good reason this time.  [Don't I always?]  lol
I've been focusing on getting a certain quilt finished and I don't want to show a lot of it since I'm not really sure who reads my blog.  
But I can talk about it a bit.  I do have all of the blocks sewn together and was getting ready to attach the simple 6" border .... when I stopped.

You know "they" say that a quilt will tell you what it needs.  
Wellllll ....It was telling me to NOT just slap a border on this very pretty top.  So I laid it out on the floor so I could get a good look at it and thought it really didn't need a border.  
So there.  I made my decision.  
Folded it all up and was getting ready to take it (as is) to my longarm gals.

But NO!  That just wasn't going to be.  I kept pondering that quilt for days and days and then went back to EQ7 and changed the border design and suddenly I knew this was going to work.  One more border to get made and added and THEN it is going to my 'gals'.  I'm happy.  The quilt is happy.  

In the meantime I pulled out some of the Carol Doak blocks that I had made this last year and decided to make a few more.  I do love to paper-piece so once I got on a roll I had three blocks made in no time.

So now I'm heading over to check in at Judy's Design Wall Monday and see what other quilters have been up to.  
I bet they have much more than I do.  ;-)

I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda


  1. So you're going to leave us all hanging?? Gee, thanks!! - ;)) What did you do on that last border?? You don't have to show us and spoil the surprise - but if you TELL us - we can probably picture it in our head - and unless the recipient is a quilter she probably won't know what you're talking about anyway - haha - ;)) Nice blocks, by the way - ;))

    1. Ok Ok I’ll tell you! Don’t want you hissy fitting. LOL Actually it’s a simple 3 part border consisting of a 1” Coral - 3” tan - and 1” Coral…. held together with a corner 9-patch with these three colors and a very light tan. Once I had the first section sewn on I knew THIS is it!
      I do plan to show the whole quilt later once I have it quilted and bound and we get closer to the wedding.


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