Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Number 7....

The last Christmas Snuggle (number 7) has been started.  I'm using my favorite Go die.  (The  Tumbler) and had originally thought I would lay the pieces out like I always do .... all mixed up.

And I did.
But then I thought "What if"??  Soooo I started rearranging the tumblers and quickly had this layout.
What do you call these shapes?
My brain sees a martini shaker (block #1) and the other one looks like an hourglass.  ;o)
Well ... whatever they're called I love this layout!!

I'll be adding a ½" strip of Kona White to separate the tumblers.
And I have the border figured out too.
Of course that could change any day now ..... but for now I'll be adding more tumblers to get this the length I want.

And....I'll be linking over to Judy's Design Wall Monday (yeah I know yesterday was Monday)....

I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda


  1. I love this layout, the white would set them off nicely. Now I'm going to go dig for my tumbler template....copycat!

    1. I know!! HAHA Sometimes just one imagination spark can lead to many new quilts. Have fun. I am!!

  2. That's a GREAT layout!! And it looks like it will go together rather quickly so you can enjoy making it and not have to rush to get it done - ;))

    1. Thanks. The regular Tumbler sewing is very quick but adding these white strips have slowed me down a bit. It took a bit of 'figuring' trying to get two to match up right. But I think I've got it now.

  3. I love this as well, but I wouldn't mind a martini either.....:) Just kiddin'

    1. HAHAHA Yep! That's ingrained in my brain now.


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