Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I've had these Christmas snuggle tops finished for awhile now so it was time to start getting some of the bindings done.   On the snuggle quilts I make I finish all of their bindings now by machine.  Considering the wear and tear and washings they go through I've found they hold up better than hand sewing the binding.    And besides .... it's faster.  
These three are finished....

One more quilt still at the quilters and another top ready to go to them.  I still have one more to make (or possibly two).
Stay tuned.  ;o)
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  1. Your machine stitched bindings look great. I haven't tried to do one by machine....yet.

    1. Thanks Ellen. I pretty much do all of my bindings by machine anymore. Unless it's a very special quilt that won't get a lot of wear and washing. Then I'll hand bind. I really like the strength of the machine bindings. One tip that works for me is to sew a 3/8" seam instead of 1/4" and always use a walking foot. Good luck when you try it. I 'practiced' on a couple of small items at first till I had worked my bugs. Now I love to bind.

  2. Congratulations - three are finished!! - and it's only the middle of October - WOOHOO!! - ;))

    1. I know!! Goodness you would think I've been sewing like a mad woman.... when really... it's taken me all year to get these done. hahaha.

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    1. Thanks Billie. Amazing how good it feels when a simple little strip of fabric is added to a quilt to make it "Done". ;o)


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