Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Have you made a list?
Are you checking it off?
Do you think you have plenty of time?
Do you want to know how many
>>>   Days 'till Christmas  <<<

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  1. Haha - 83 days - no problem - our "Leisurely Race to Christmas with Squirrels Allowed" started on the first of December - last year - so we should be ahead of the pack - at least by a little - ;))

    1. And what a great idea it was to start our LRTCWSA. This is the first year that I've managed to get so many Christmas quilts made without wearing myself completely out. Five snuggles completed.... And I still have two months to go to make more stuff. haha

    2. And I say that we do it AGAIN starting December 1, 2014 - ;))

    3. Oops - I meant THIS year - December 1, 2013 - starting early for NEXT year - DUH!! - ;))


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