Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our local County Fair.... now over and at the last minute I decided to enter a couple of items.
This was last years entry.  I felt very blessed when I was awarded all the top honors.  Sooooo this year I wasn't sure I would even enter anything .... how could I top that huh?  ;-)
But then I was asked if I would be willing to help the judge again this year by writing down her comments.   Of course I said "Yes!"   That's a lot of fun and I learn a lot.
And ...... if I'm going to be there anyway..... might as well enter something.  
This is how my Bento Box did:  
 Yes I did win a clean sweep again this year.  WooHoo!!
Blue ribbon: Machine pieced/prof quilted
Best Pieced Quilt:  no ribbon
Best Quilt:  no ribbon
And for the second year in a row the award for the Best Quilt
was ..... a pair of Gingher scissors. (???)
Wow!  That makes TWO gingher's that I have now won.
And I'm not even a seamstress.  I'm a quilter!  hahaha
I definitely appreciate the Shopping Voucher.  That will be put to very good use.
And just for fun I grabbed this table topper to enter.
It did manage to place second even though it is not my best work.
The pinwheels in the corners were cut off by the binding and I missed the 'ditch' in a few places when quilting but.... I'm still very pleased with the ribbon.  
I will, however rethink about entering anything again next year.  I just feel that the object of entering something in a county fair is to hopefully come home with a ribbon or two or three that you can hang up and enjoy.  It definitely isn't for the prize money for sure.   Nor is it for a piece of paper.  It's about the ribbons.
I think our local fair board could do a better job for everyone who takes the time to place an matter the category.   :-(

I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda


  1. Congratulations! I finally decided to enter our county fair but it conflicts with taking my daughter to college, so maybe next year. The fact that they actually awarded useful tools is wonderful.

    1. Thank you Dora. I hope you do enter next year. I really believe anyone who sews, quilts, cooks, etc. should take part in the process at least once just to see what it's all about. It's sooo interesting and a person can learn so much. Good luck to you.

  2. Congratulations again? I'm smiling remembering that discouraged new quilter who wanted to give up such a relatively short time ago. And now who is taking all the prizes! I took four quilts over to our fair this morning. None are my best work, so no expectations this year.

    1. hahaha Oh Mary, I remember too. And yes. I've learned from the best. ;-)
      Good luck on yours.


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