Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hexie upset.....

I was being a busy little bee basting away just as happy as could be .... and accumulating quite a nice little pile of different colored hexies that I showed you a week ago.  
So I decided I'd sew just one of the triangles together that I want to make for my new project.  
So I started sewing and sewing and I had pretty much gotten all of the hexies sewn into a triangle and I was down to the last two.
Now ..... I had noticed along the way that some of the edges were not exactly lining up just right.  But I didn't worry about it and just kept sewing hexies together.
Until.... I tried to make that last hexie fit the space that was left.
It didn't!
Too small!!!!!
What the heck!!???

So I pulled off the fabric from that paper and compared it to some of the other papers and it was smaller!  By only less than an eighth of an inch.
But that was enough to make a difference in the fit.  (I print some of my own papers and that particular print run I guess I didn't do the greatest job of checking printer settings.  I bet I pay better attention from now on).

So I had no choice but to go through all of the papers and remove the smaller ones.  Then I realized I had used several already so I bit the bullet and started stripping off the fabric until I was left with this .....

Oh well......  I've now pressed all the squares and have put this behind me and I'm moving forward.  I'm glad I realized what was wrong before I got much further.  
  I hope you're having a better day than I've had.  lol  Glad you stopped by.....Linda


  1. I bet that was not a fun lesson, but, thankfully it was easily recoverable.

    1. hahaha No it was not a fun lesson. But for sure one I will remember I have no doubt.
      Thanks for coming by Ellen. You have a great day.

  2. Ouch! Glad you figured out what was causing the problem.

    1. Boy, so am I Billie. And now I can move forward and guess what? All the edges are matching now. hahaha

  3. BOOHOO!! But it's a good thing that you decided to "sew just one of the triangles together" before you basted them ALL or you would have had even more to fix. I find myself making "test blocks" more and more these days - to help me avoid "problems" down the line. And thanks, so far I am having a better day than you've had - but the day ain't over yet - haha - ;))

    1. haha Yes!! Thank goodness I'm impatient and had to see what just one would look like. Now about making "test blocks" ..... Well I probably should do that more often too. Oh yeah.... That first block I made paper-piecing that was backward. Yeah.... that was my "test block". hahaha


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