Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday and I'm back.

   Hi everyone.  I'm back.
I know!  I know!   I've been away from my blog for way too long.
But I've had a lot going on around here and we've been away celebrating.   I'll post about all that later.  And yes I will show you my new floor.  ;o)

But right now it's still Monday and for the first time in all these last weeks I finally have something new to share on my design wall.  Of course I'll be linking over on Judy's Design Wall.  One of my favorite places to visit.

Remember I told you that our guild is having our auction this fall and we are each  asked to donate at least three items.   I have two made already and have been mulling around several different ideas trying to settle on just one more.
Well.... Saturday rolled around and all of a sudden I realized the theme I wanted to use.
Several months ago I had purchased a Halloween Layer Cake from the Fat Quarter Shop along with three matching 1 yd cuts of fabric (orange with black bats, blue with black flying witches and a border print)

I pulled them all off the shelf and proceeded to cut the 10" squares into fourths and then sashed them with a black 1½" strip.
I sewed a few of those 5" sashed blocks together and ended up with a small table runner.  It just needed something more so I cut a 9" square in half diagonally and added them to the ends to finish it.  
For the placemats I decided to cut some of the 5" blocks in half and sewed seven together to give me the width I wanted and bordered them with black and added the orange bat fabric.
 TaDa..... Here I go.....
#3 auction item ..... Small table runner (12"x41"  still needs trimmed) and two placemats (13"x19").  I'll be binding them all in black once I get the quilting finished.  

AND......I still have 16 of the 5" sashed blocks left to make a nice sized table topper that would fit my dining table nicely.   I plan on using the border print to finish it and I'll use the blue witches as the backing for the placemats & runner.  
That should take care of all the Halloween fabric.  
I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda


  1. How cute. Good to see you posting again.

    1. Thanks Mary. And I'm glad I've been missed. ;o)

  2. Very cute project. Thanks for the pictures and explanation of how you did it.

    1. You're very welcome and thank you for stopping by.

  3. Great post - VERY creative - and what Quilting is all about - ;))

    Q - Quick
    U - Useful
    I - Inventive
    L - Layer Cake - Gone!
    T - Table Runner/placemat set ready for auction

    P.S. - Glad you're back!! I wanna see photos of your new floor - ;))

    1. Thank you!!! I must admit when the brain juices start flowing it does feel pretty good. Now talk about creative.... your Q U I L T certainly is.
      And tune in tomorrow. You will finally get to see the floor!! I know you've been waiting weeks!! haha


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