Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New floors....

I'm loving my new floors!!  I love them!  Love them!!!  
I just can't say that enough.  After having carpet all these many years (and shag...of all things) it is just so great to be able to swipe a dust mop and be done.  No lugging around a heavy vacuum.   It feels so good under my feet.
Here's a picture of the floor in my sewing room.  It's also in my bedroom.   So easy to keep clean and the best part is when I drop a pin I don't have to worry about it getting hidden in the carpet.  I can spot it right away.
Now just in case anyone is wanting to know what kind of floor it is...... Ummmmm!!!
I'm not too good about the details but I can tell you this much:  It's made by Congoleum and it comes in planks that stick together and it took two days for the flooring guy to get it installed.

And I love it!!  ;o)

I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda


  1. LOVE your new floors!! The lighter color should lighten up both the sewing room and the bedroom - and no shag means EASIER SCOOTING for you - YAY!! - ;))

    1. Thank you! I knew you would like them too. heehee
      That is for sure about the scooting!! In fact the first day I was sitting in my sewing chair and was leaning forward to pick up something and the chair just scooted right out from under me. HAHA I wasn't hurt but I had to call hubby to help me out from under the chair. Needless to say.... I pay very close attention to what I'm doing now.

  2. I hope you didn't have sore places the next day from your tumble off the chair. I love the new floor and had intended to get over here sooner to take a peek. LHQ told me you were doing this so I wanted to see if you had shared a picture yet and get your take on it. I would love to have this in MY room especially since the carpet looks so horrid anyway. The prospect of moving everything out of here is daunting as were do you put it for two days and still live in the house?? You managed though!

    1. First I just want to say that I don't know if I would have wanted to tackle it without our son's family helping. The boys did the heavy moving and pulling up the old carpet and the girls just took over and started packing and piling everything in the dining room. They're such great kids and we really had fun in the process. It was a bit hard on us emotionally living with the "mess" (even tho it was organized) and especially Don. Change is starting to become very hard for him now at this stage of his Alz. But now everything is all back in place and I'm so happy we did it.


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