Monday, May 27, 2013

So another Monday ......

And that means that I should have something on my design wall to show off.  Right?
But..... I have nothing.
Not even a design wall!
This is how my sewing room looks today.
This is where my design wall stands.
We have taken off both closet doors and I have batting attached to each door.  They both stand against this wall.
That other piece of white fabric is just pinned up on the wall for odd pieces that I may be working on.  

And this is the closet that those doors came of off.  
Have you noticed the floor?   Nothing on it.   Which is the subject of this post.  ;o)
 Yep!  The 42 year old shag carpet has been pulled up and is out of here!!!  The flooring guys will be here tomorrow to put down the new floor.  
We're also replacing the carpet in my bedroom while he's here.  I have such a mess because we took everything out of both rooms and it's all piled in neat little (big) piles in the dining room and living room.  
Our son's family all came over to help us and it sure made it a lot easier on both of us.  
So with the whole house turned upside down..... I haven't found much time to do much sewing lately.  
I'll be back one day soon......  And I hope you're all having a safe and fun filled day today.  

I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda


  1. Congratulations on your NEW FLOOR!! WOOHOO!! All the better to "scoot" across!! Your door-less closet looks very nicely organized - neat little (big) piles. And what a great use for the doors as design walls - very clever - ;))

    1. OHHHHHH I will be so glad when it's installed and everything is back in it's place. This experience has just confirmed that I could never become a 'hoarder'.
      This mess is driving me nuts!! LOL

  2. Very exciting things going on at your house.

    1. Yes there has been. I'm so pleased with the new flooring. But one thing for would NOT have happened without the help of my wonderful grands.
      Thanks for stoppin by Geri.

  3. Is it all in now? I can't wait to see how this all looks when it is completed! I would love to do the same thing but somehow the prospect of moving everything to who knows where in the interim is really daunting! I am glad that you had help from the grands to move things around and hopefully, it will go back in easily.


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