Monday, May 6, 2013

And so it's Monday....

Here's the second set of embroideries that I've gotten finished this week.
It certainly is much more intense than the first one I made.
Those little squares finish at 1" and the whole piece measures 27" x 33".

I have enough fabric left that I can cut some big squares and piece the backing for both of these.  Now I'm pondering how to quilt them.
I could do a simple meander on both of them .... ????  Or maybe just on the first one and then do a crosshatch on this second piece.  So I'll keep them both on my design wall and sit and stare at them for hours until I have a firm decision made.  heehee.
So for now here are a few closeups of the blocks.  Keep in mind that these were made by a very small girl.

And since it's Monday that means that I'm going over to Judy's Patchwork Times and link up to her Design Wall Monday.  
See you there. And I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda


  1. Personally, I think either meandering or cross hatch on both would work fine. I'd lean more towards cross hatching since it would give a more old fashion feel.....


    1. Thanks Crispy. I do agree and I like to do crosshatch so I think that's what it will be.

  2. I LOVE your background squares - PERFECT colors to show off the embroidered blocks! I vote for cross-hatching, too - very old-fashioned - very simple. And you crack me up with your "sit and stare at them for hours until I have a firm decision made" - I do the same thing - but my "hours" turn into "days" very quickly - haha - ;))

    1. I can't believe I'm going to say this.... but I kinda like those fabrics too. (and this from me who has insisted that I did NOT like the 30's fabrics) LOL.
      And as you can see my "hours" have also turned into days. Very typical. ;o)

    2. I'm not a big fan of 30's fabrics either - but if you want something to say "old-fashioned" - they sure do the job - ;))

  3. Holy toledo those little squares are small! But how cute is the piece with those embroideries! Another Christmas piece towards the goal?

    1. No Linda, they're commission quilts for a friend of mine.
      And "Holy toledo" is what I kept saying as I was sewing those bitty things together. haha


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