Thursday, October 4, 2012

I won….

along with my trusty seam ripper!  This block has now been correctly sewn and pressed and it’s looking good.  Oct 2012 Actually there’s more to this story than I’ve shared so far.    So I guess I’ll fess up…. after I had completed the first two corner sections, I forgot how the block was supposed to fit together.  (actually I just ignored the directions)  ;o(    So I proceeded to match the points and seams on those two corner sections and since they looked so good together I sewed them.   When I opened them up the border seam didn’t quite match.  So…. I ripped it out!  Re-sewed it.  It matched perfectly!  It looked sooooo good!   (I should have taken a pic
Yep!  I ripped it out! 

Then I flipped the corner/sashing/corner section and sewed it to the middle sashing wrong! 
By this time my seam ripper is starting to get a little dull.  lol
So when I tell you that there is a bit of worn ugliness on the back I’m sure you can imagine.
But the front looks great.  And done is good

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  1. I like it!!! I've been known to throw an entire garment into the trash rather than rip out - but I've also ripped a block and resewn until I thought it would deteriorate!


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