Thursday, October 25, 2012

We're Back Home....

We went to see all of the kids over the weekend and had a marvelous time.
Two of the three *Greats* had a soccer game the last evening we were there so that was an added treat.   Then the rain was threatening and the lightning lit up so the games were called.  But at least we still got to admire the talent of our super little soccer players.  Aren't they just the most adorable kids you've ever seen?    I know!!  I think so too!!!

We were able to share Michael's 30th birthday with him.  (I don't know how that many years has happened)     He and Evelin cooked us a scrumptious meal Friday evening.  It was the beginning of the eating and eating and eating!  

We did a lot of shopping and then eating out and more shopping and then more eating.  As a reward for all the hard shopping we were doing each day we stopped at Small Cakes.  And OMGosh!  What a yummy reward.    In all reality though.... we could only treat ourselves twice.  And then we had to shop it off.  lol

I have to share this story about the wild turkey that lives near Deb & Jim's house.  There is a small business on the highway that is a few blocks away and this turkey has been living in the woods behind this business.  He has become quite the celebrity around the Joplin area.
So of course they took us by to see the turkey.  He's a very vocal turkey and quite inquisitive.
Here..... let me just show you....

Don was 'talking' to him and he was gobbling right back at him.  Deb had gotten out of the car and was taking this picture.  The turkey decided he would go around the car to the other side (where Deb had left the car door open)  So that was enough for Deb.  She quickly ran around to get in the car before the turkey.  It was a photo finish!!  hahaha

He stayed right outside my door for the longest time making his little turkey noises. And then,  when we decided to go, he was following us out of the parking lot until he got to the highway and then he stopped.
   Almost every time we would go somewhere we would drive by to see if he was out and  about.  And he usually was.  
He was fun to watch.  

So now that I've managed to get the unpacking done and all the shopping stuff have found a home..... I'm ready to get back to my sewing.

I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda

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