Friday, July 16, 2010

OMGosh!  It's still HOT.  Some of our Heat Index's have been up to 115 degrees!  I don't do much in the heat.  Even tho I stay inside it still seems to just zap me just thinking about how hot it is.  
Yep!  I'm a wimp and freely admit it.  lol

Haven't been back to sew for awhile and I'm between 'what to sew' and 'need to quilt'.   Can't make up my mind about which to do......
So....   I turn into a slug and play games on the puter.

I have been out (on one of the nicer days) and took some pics of the summer flowers. 
So here you go.... Enjoy...My one and only Stargazer Lily.  It's a beauty isn't it?

You really should click the pics to enlarge to see them in all their glory. 

 I have more garden pics I'll share in the next few days.  I can't wait to show you the really weird dragonfly I captured.   Stay tuned. 


  1. Beautiful Flower Linda :0) I have a friend, Rita, who belongs to the Day Lily club. I can't remember if she has this variety.

    I'm in the same situation as you are. I just put the last stitch in the Aunt Millie block but won't start a new one for a couple of days....what to work on between time.....?


  2. Such beautiful flowers! I've tried so hard to keep my things alive through the heat, but the past 2 weeks have been up to others. Some haven't survived to well. Thanks for your good wishes, and stay cool up there in Phillipsburg!

  3. Your right they are stunning when looked at up close!


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