Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's HOT!!  Want to see proof? 

106 degrees in the shade according to the weather site!  
And calm! 
These poor things were lined up on the fence and fluttering their wings to create a breeze.   There were three more on the other side of the tree but I wanted a closeup and I couldn't get them all in one pic.  
I wasn't about to go outside just to click a picture... so these were all taken through the kitchen window.  Screen and the quality isn't the greatest.   Yep!  I'm a wimp!
And this was the reason I grabbed my camera in the first place.   We had a mottled Crescent Dove stop at the feeder today.  See the different colors.   We've never seen one like this before.  Hummm??  Wonder what it's crossed with.

And then there's the baby Cardinal. 
He's staying in the shade too.   I waited and waited for him to move out in the light....but he was having nothing to do with it.  So I had to settle for this one.  

I'm sure glad they're out there and I'm in here.     


  1. Holy moly! That's HOT. I sure hope that weather isn't headed this way, although, it usually is. We've had a pleasant day with fairly low humidity nice for a change!

  2. Poor birds!! I wonder if the dove is an albino?


  3. I've never seen a dove like that before. How pretty.

  4. Oh, that is so hot! It makes me more thankful than ever for our 75 or so degree day today.


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