Monday, June 7, 2010

My Design Wall today.......
This afternoon I spent a bit of time making more border blocks.  I only have a few left to do (but I have to cut more fabric) but.... before I do that I needed to stop and change positions because my back was screaming just a little to loud.  So I'll get back to them tomorrow, finish sewing them together .... then I can square them all up.

My EQ7 update arrived today.  (Thanks Judy for the fast shipping!!)  I've installed and quickly skimmed it to check out what's new...but I need to get into it a bit more to see how it really works.  Maybe I'll play tonight since there's nothing on TV worth watching.      
 Yesterday we met Don's sisters for lunch buffet at a little cafe in Holdrege we all like.  Good home cooking!   Then today we drove back to Holdrege again for our checkups and bloodwork.   Everything looks good and we don't go back till the Fall.   I did stop in at Quilters Delight to pick up some batting.  And I was able to buy three different colors of chalk lead refills for my Bohn marking pen. 

And since we were on the road so much these last two days I was able to start and finish the book Jess left me.  Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.  It was very good Jess!  I liked it. 


  1. I'm really loving this project!! Glad to hear that your dr appt went well :0) I've been tempted to pick up that book, after your review I think I will.


  2. That quilt is looking beautiful, Linda!

  3. I love how this turned out! I didn't know you were doing the diamonds too! I had to show my hubby to come and look since yours is much closer to being done than mine...we both like it!


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