Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here's the Dragonfly shot I told you about. 
I didn't really "capture" it (as in putting it in a jar)...I captured it with my camera.  hahaha 
I don't think I've ever seen one colored quite like this one. 
He was fluttering around all over the garden and finally landed on the wooden walkway about 6 feet away.  That's when I snapped the pic.

<< this is the first cropping I did to the photo to bring him in closer. 

Then I cropped it even more to show the detail in the wings. 
Cool huh? 

And now for a little HOT SUMMER COLOR.......... try this one full size.   


  1. He is an odd one!! I'm surprised he held still long enough for you to get a picture :0)


  2. I have always love dragonflies !!I havn't seen any this color either !! Great shot BTW!!

  3. Linda, beautiful lily in the previous post, and a really diffierent-looking dragonfly. I'm hoping I'll be able to post this comment. I tried yesterday and your blog didn't like me. Imagine that!!

  4. wow, pink and orange really look good together:)


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