Thursday, March 26, 2009

One more finished.....

Here is one more needle-turn block done.... three more to go.
I've been able to sit and stitch while Jessi is here. The best of both worlds to be able to chat and giggle with her while she is here and also stitch on these blocks so I can get my quilt finished.

I have decided that I need to get back to my back-basting applique' method so I can get better results on placement of pieces. On this block I chose to try the freezer paper template...cut out the shape..... and then place the pieces on the background. I don't like the results I got. I do much better with back-basting then cutting around the stitching to give me the applique' shape. It exactly matches the pattern and I'm much happier with the results. :0)

So for today.... be happy! There is much to smile about.

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