Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another block finished...

One more finished. This one didn't take long at all. I should have another one finished by the end of today. That is if I would ever get off this computer an get that needle back in my hands.

Jessi left yesterday morning to go back to collage. We had such a great time while she was here. A lot of talking and laughing and teasing Grandpa.
Her last night she made us her famous stuffed crust pizza and OMGosh it was fantastic.
She definitely IS a pizza makin' fool. HAHAHA
Gosh I miss her already.... and she's only been gone one day.


  1. Your block is very pretty, Linda, but MAN does that pizza look fantastic! It's so nice that you all had a chance to visit.

  2. i am a pizza making fool haha and i miss u too!


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