Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finished top so far.....

The blocks and sashings are all together now. They should have been done yesterday but I had a min-migrain hit so I didn't do much sewing.
I am tickled that it has turned out so nice. I really do like it and I thought this would now be ready for the borders.
I have changed my mind after looking at it laying here on my floor.
It's not big enough!!!
I have to make 4 more blocks.
This top is just too square and I really don't like square quilts. (unless they hang on a wall)

Four more blocks would make it fit a bed much nicer don't you think?
Back to EQ to pick out more patterns.
And a lot more needle-turn applique' coming up in my future.

Today I think I'll go ahead and cut the additional sashings and get them sewn together so I won't forget what I've learned about them.
Like how many it takes!! heehee
And this will give me plenty of time to think about the borders too.
Any suggestions???


  1. Linda - the quilt is stunning. Your sashings really set off the blocks. Great job!

  2. Beautiful job, Linda. I made 18 blocks so odd number so will have to do more too. I think there were several more of Donna's patterns, weren't there?
    Your sashings are really making the blocks pop. Congrats!

  3. Linda, the quilt is just gorgeous! The sashing is spectacular!

  4. Linda, that quilt is going to be just beautiful!! I agree about adding a row for a bed quilt. As far as a border suggestion, I can see a couple of narrow borders, a wider strip with vines w/ flowers and/or leaves then a couple of narrow borders, would make the drape off the edge of the bed looks so pretty. Course I wouldn't have to do all the applique LOL.

  5. LOL Crispy. Yeah the border applique' was one that I'd considered. I quickly dismissed that thought!!

  6. These quilt top look just beautiful. Have a great weekend

  7. Hi Neighbor, I'm in north eastern Colorado. I just stopped by to see your quilts and oh my gosh are you good. I tried applique, took classes but just had a hard time with it. So I spend my time hand quilting and love it.
    I sure like to look at yours though. What a wonderful blog-I'll be back.


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