Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday morn...

It's cool and the doors are open and the birds are singing and.... no wind. Lovely!
Today we will go to Little Mexico on the Lake for lunch with Jo & Lu & John. Celebrating Lu's B-day. The lake is FULL so it will be nice to drive around and check it out. It's been a lot of years since we've seen it so full.
It's been a fairly quiet week here. I finished Kianna's binding and label is on finally and they are washed and dried and ready to go.
I took some of the leftover scraps and the 2nd Dora panel and made her a baby doll quilt to match hers. Since they are moving into the new house this weekend I'm hoping this will help brighten her new bedroom.

I think we'll try to get out in the "jungle' this next week and see if we can tame some of the wild bushes. The snowball needs a good make-over since the storm bent it all around and the East bed really really needs a whole lot of trimming up. I wonder how many trips to the dump it will take??? I'm not looking forward to the work....but it needs to be done and I guess it's won't do itself.

Have a Sunny Sunday everyone
and look for beauty in the quiet places of your world.

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  1. that is so neat that u made an extra for her dolls. she will love it!-jessi


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