Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finished Cutting ...

I didn't think I'd ever get all the patches cut out for this quilt!
288 little pieces. See those piles!
I've now started sewing and believe me .... it's going to take me days and days (maybe even weeks)...(or possibly even months lol) to get these small 3 1/2 inch blocks sewn together.

But I've decided I'm not in a race here after my plan is to sew a bit on these and then I can piddle around with something else for awhile....and I'll sew a bit more....and piddle.
And before I know it I'll be finished.
Now that sounds like a plan to me!!

Let's see.... what to start next.......
I think I'll cut T-shirts ;)

Or I think I'll do a few of the BOM mini wall hangings.
Yeah! Those will be quick and fun.

I'll share a *make-do* gadget that I thought about while I was cutting these pieces out. I found myself needing to turn my mat to get a good position for my cuts. I do have a turn-table that DH made for me ....but it's huge and way too big for these little patches.
Then it dawned!!!
I had an old wooden turn-table not in use anymore
so I took it to my cutting table and
plopped on a little mat and Ta-Da..... worked perfectly!
And just the right size too.

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  1. Linda,
    What a fabulous idea...I have to go out in the garage and see if that old lazy susan sold at the garage is now something I may use. Thanks for the post. By the way keep having fun with the small pieces, in the long run it will be a big reward.



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