Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Raindrops are falling on our heads......

This was the craziest thing. We were on our way to Little Mexico Sunday. There were scattered clouds around but not big and important thunderheads. See the sky? Unimportant right?
All of a sudden.....this happened.
(click to enlarge and see what's on our windshield).
So I looked around and .... Hummmmm .... Ok.... I did see a small grey cloud up there. Guess it was the little cloud that could! Cause it sure did! heehee

We went outside this afternoon and decided to trim the snowball bush that was drooping over so badly. After we inspected it really close I could see several limbs that were busted away from the main branches. So Don got his chainsaw and heavy clippers and I directed (of course) and he cut where I told him. hahaha We work so well together.
Here's the before....
and now the after.
and our view from the patio....
I'm liking it opened up like this. At least we have saved the bush. I was afraid we couldn't make it look decent but I think we did OK.
Oh....and while we were out there I noticed the Joseph's Coat Rose was blooming so I got my shots of the flowers.
This rose starts with an orange bud..... then opens and turns yellow.... then as it ages it turns pink. Cool huh?

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