Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hexies .... update .... again

Two more "blocks" finished on the Hexie BOM.
This is Septembers 'block'.  It's supposed to be a Bluebird but
I decided to make mine a red Cardinal.  We have them at our
feeders in the back yard and I enjoy them so much.

This is October and is a Candy Corn.  After I had most of the
brown hexies sewn together I realized I should have used cream
instead of brown.  But I'm sticking with the pattern color as she designed.
Now I'm getting ready to cut my fabric to get Novembers block finished so I'll be caught up.
Today I'll post these to our Yahoo Hexie Group and also to Needle and Thread Thursday
Then tomorrow I'll link to Hexie Weekend 
I hope you're having a great day and a wonderful weekend. Glad you stopped by.....Linda


  1. Those are so sute. Until you said cream I didn't realize that the corn had that - lol. It will be fun to see how this quilt goes together - intersecting hexies or appliqued to a background. ???

    1. lol I didn't either until I was sitting eating my snack: Peanuts & Candy Corn! Yum!
      I'm still pondering the background but I'm leaning toward hexies all the way. Of course I could change my mind since I really love to applique'. ;0)

  2. You are all caught up now and your hexies are adorable. No sewing for me....grin

    1. And it feels so good to get back to them after such a long time of neglect.
      Thanks Billie.


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