Monday, October 27, 2014

My Design Wall ....

For the first time in months I have something on my wall that isn't about a wedding quilt.  LOL
And since two of my female Grands are now married .... that means I now have two new guys added to the family.  
And that means I have two more snuggles to make for them because everyone in the family gets a snuggle quilt made by me.

Since Alivia & Brett's wedding was first this year I decided I'd start on Brett's quilt first.  And for that guy it could ONLY be about John Deer!
He is an engineer and works at John Deer in Waterloo, Iowa ....  he collects John Deer miniatures ... and he lives and breaths John Deer.  So it's only fitting.

The fabrics weren't as easy to find as I thought they would be ..... but I did eventually get enough to make the quilt kinda scrappy.

Soooo   after much pondering about a pattern I eventually settled on my favorite.  
What else but Tumblers!! 

 I'm still pondering the border(s).

And now since it's that day of the week again..... I'm linking to Judy's Blog

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  1. Your right-- all family members need a snuggle quilt. I'm surprised the John Deere fabric was hard to find. Your tumbler quilt looks great!!

    1. Thanks. I love working with tumblers. Of course it helps that I have the Go die. lol
      I've been told by the gal that owns one of my favorite quilt stores that John Deer stopped making fabric a few years ago. I guess it just wasn't as profitable as they wanted so as the fabrics sold the supply dwindled. I'm happy that I did manage to find the ones I did.

  2. Tumblers is the PERFECT pattern! For your borders - you could do your favorite "half-tumbler" in a dark green - maybe a row of "whole" ones and then another row of "half" ones - that might work - ;))

    1. Thanks! Yes they are! At least for me. And I'm pondering my 'background' tumblers .... then a small stop border and then using the same background fabric to add a bit larger border. I do have one more fabric that will tie it all together that I've been saving just for the borders. And it should be quick and easy. Which I need at this late date. lol


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