Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Back again .... Maybe

I think this is the longest I've gone between posts since I started my blog.  I'm not going to bore you with all the reasons why I haven't posted.   I'm just going to move on from here and act like I haven't been gone for weeks.

So let me share the two wedding quilts I made for my granddaughters and their new hubbys.

First up:  Alivia & Brett   They were married in July and the weather was just perfect.  Her bridesmaids wore Coral and the guys wore dark chocolate brown.  All of her decorations were lace & burlap & Baby's Breath with touches of gold thrown in.  This is the brides mom (Gina) putting together all of the vases of baby's breath.
Alivia wanted a mini-light background for the head table and after checking the rentals (and the sizes available) her dad said he could make one.   Bigger & better!!  lol
Soooo he made three panels each measuring 9 ft tall and 12 ft long.   We ordered satin fabric for the back and organza for the front and they strung Christmas tree lights in the middle.
Here is the work in progress.  Dan & Stuart (my son & grandson) hanging the lights while the brides aunt and I are making sure they do it right.  LOL  

We were stripping the satin to trim the top edge.
The bride on the left (Alivia) and Brett's sister.  

Then they were ready to hang the
wedding wreath with their initial on it.

This is the finished backdrop.
Dan did a mighty fine job!!
As they start their married life...

I so loved making this quilt for them.  I used wool batting since they live in Iowa and their winters are a little ..... wintery!!  

Next wedding quilt installment coming soon..... Jessi & Grant


  1. I agree - Dan did a MIGHTY FINE JOB!! And Grandma's Wedding Quilt just happened to be coral and beige - to coordinate with the coral and chocolate brown of the wedding - how perfect was that?? - ;))

    1. Yep! The colors in the quilt was definitely all in the plan.


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