Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Hexie BOM

This months Hexie block is a 'Basket'.   I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it too.
I did have to dig around a bit before I found the fabric I was looking for. 
This will show it up close....

I thought I could make it look like the basket was woven and I think it kinda looks that way if I use my imagination.  hahaha   

Here's a pic of it completed on that black background (that I still don't have cut up and basted)  Maybe next month. 

I'm linking this block to the 2014 Hexie Yahoo Group and Esther's Work In Progress Wed.  
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  1. It is definitely the perfect fabric. Looks like a wicker/woven basket.

    1. Thanks Billie. That's what I was hoping for and I think it worked.

  2. Nice! I agree, the woven pattern in the fabric is an excellent choice for your project.

    1. Thanks Dena. I was pleased with how it came out.

  3. Nice basket. I don't think I would have thought to do that with hexies.

  4. Thanks Bonnie. I may not have either except I had just straightened a pile of FQ's with this fabric there. And I have a lot of baskets and the weave just seemed the only choice for me. lol
    Thanks for stopping by Bonnie.


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