Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 4th ... And so the new year begins.....

At least for me.  
Today is the day I have always associated with the start of the New Year. 
That's because it's my birthday. 
penguins photo penguins.gif

From Christmas (last year) to my birthday (this year) has always been my time to stop and rest. 
A time to reflect on the past. 
And then a time to anticipate the coming year.  

First subject of discussion ... New Year Resolutions.  Nope!  Don't make them.  Never have.  Never will. 
I do, however, like to make list's.  Lots of lists.  I love lists.  
Grocery lists.  
     Cleaning lists.  
          Have to buy lists.  
               Lists of things I want to make.  
                    Lists of things I want hubby to do.  
                         Lists of quilts I want to give.  
                              Lists of quilts to finish.  
Of course your question probably is....???  Am I able to cross off everything on my lists at the end of the year????  hahaha  

I have a couple of wedding quilts that are on the top of my Quilt list for my two oldest granddaughters and their guys.  They will both take priority these next few months before I do anything else.  

Of course my Hexie quilt will continue to be my Slow Stitching project.  And I'm adding one more hexie project just for fun.   And because Sarah said I could.  ;-)  More info later.  

Those three projects are at the top of my list ... but... I mustn't forget about our "Race". The official name of this race is: LTRTCWSA  (Leisurely Turtle Race To Christmas With Squirrels Allowed). haha  Catchy don't you think?  
This is the third year my Left-Handed friend and I have done this and we are inviting anyone who want's to join us to NOT put away those Christmas fabrics.  And if you already have then dig them back out and start stitching away.   If you want the details she has it all explained on her blog.  HERE  
Join Us!  Believe me you'll be glad you did when Christmas rolls around. 
Oh and By The Way..... Do you want to know who wins?  WE DO!  ;-)  

Ok enough of my gabbing for now.  I'm heading back to sew a few Tri-Recs and then my KC Chiefs are playing today. 

I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda


  1. Looks like it's your birthday.....Happy Birthday. Hope to get caught up of my stash busting soon.

    1. Thanks Billie. I did have a good birthday. I'm toying with the Rainbow stash thing each month. But I'm undecided. Still thinking.

  2. Happy Birthday, Linda. A quiet day making lists and sewing seems like the perfect birthday occupation. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Gari. It was a happy and quiet day. Well ..... until my Chiefs ended up losing! Then I wasn't so quiet! hahaha


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