Thursday, April 12, 2012

 I'm starting to get my mojo back after these last several weeks off I thought I'd show you the fabrics I'll be working with for my next project.   One of the gals in our guild has shared how to make a table runner that combines string piecing and quilting as you go.  And these are the fabrics I'm going to use for mine.  I picked them all up Quilters Delight in Holdrege.  Love that store!!!
   "Reversible Table Runner" designed by Karen Montgomery and sold through The Quilt Company is a beautiful (and easy) pattern.
Believe me when I tell you these fabrics are MUCH richer than the pics show.

I actually missed the guild meeting (when a migraine hits I cancel everything) so I'm working on this on my own today.  Check back later to see how I'm getting along.
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  1. Oh ouch..... migraines are nasty. I get them too, and they interfere with everything that is enjoyable. Those fabrics are so pretty. It will be nice to see what you do with them.


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