Friday, April 13, 2012

I love working with strips!  Or strings! Or whatever the correct label is today.  ((Must follow the "Rules"  you know because.... as many of us have come to realize lately...... there really are Quilt Police!   Or are they just the Keystone Cops?  I get the two confused.))     LOL

 Here is how far along I've gotten on my runner.  Strips are all cut and ready to just grab and sew.

Each section is then trimmed up and the next section is added and more strings sewn on side A.

This is the reverse side showing the black strips and the focus fabric of side B.
I'm lovin' it so far.  Back to play with more strips.
Thanks for stopping by....Linda


  1. Beautiful fabric selections. I love the black and tan. I also love the keystone cops comment!

  2. Linda - I just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. You can find out all the details on my blog post tomorrow. ;))


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